A Protective Coatings with multiple uses for both Homes and Businesses

With no professional assistance needed, The Surface Master is a cost-effective solution for protecting and beautifying your surfaces.

The Surface Master provides you with superior protection without the hassle

And without professional assistance. No Mixing necessary.

No matter the area you are trying to protect, the versatility of The Surface Master adapts to your needs

Also available in over 20 gorgeous colors to fit any color preference.

You are in good hands with National Coatings Inc. and The Surface Master

Having proven itself time and time again, we stand behind The Surface Master. Feel free to look at our reviews, photos, and testimonials...

National Coatings Inc’s The Surface Master is designed for use in both commercial and residential settings

Regularly used in parking garages, warehouses, gymnasiums, auto body shops, and more!

Obviously , our customers are looking to protact any number of surfaces, But they all have one thing in common.

hey want to do their job correctly, the first time, and to have it last. We're very proud of our product, both in the way it looks and how long it lasts. The longevity is outstanding. We want our customers to rest easy knowing that their surface is taken care of for the future, and that they can pay attention to other things. The Surface Master is much different than many other materials. This is a rubberized product, which is typically used in a commercial setting. But The Surface Master gives the longevity of a superior product to any consumer. A typical setting for a rubberized product previously would be something along the lines of Hospitals, Import/Export Docks, Warehouses, Malls, etc.

Give us a call today at (631) 991-3760

If you're looking for something that not only lasts for a long time, but really looks great (and that's what we find most of our customers are looking for), then The Surface Master and National Coatings Inc is the right place to look Give us a call today and we will help you every step of the way, from color selection to instructions for application.

The Surface Master

Our unique product is designed for use on all types of Concrete, Metal and Wood Surfaces. Seal and repair all types of floors, decks, roofs, walls, patios, and much more!

Gurantee Like No Other

Low Cost Fills In Cracks & Breaks Non-Slip & Chemical Resistant No Professional Assistance Necessary Environmentally Safe One Time Application Safe & Easy to Apply

Welcome to National Coatings, Surface Master

The Surface Master provides you with Superior protection, without the hassle

Without professional assistance. No mixing necessary

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